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M/S HITECH MAGNETICS is a professionally managed company established by Ms. Uma Reddy an Electrical Engineer from UVCE Bangalore. Started in 1984, initially doing PCB designing and moving on to PCB Assembly, and thereon to manufacture of transformers and coils, M/S HITECH MAGNETICS has evolved over the years and is committed to quality, cost and delivery. M/S Hitech Magnetics recognizes customer's need for on-time delivery of quality parts at a competitive price.

M/S Hitech Magnetics is a combination of a continuous effort to improve products, empowering people and improving performance through improved skills and infrastructure. A management system with continuous evaluation of processes and procedures, M/S Hitech Magnetics strives to continuously improve in order to provide the customer with competitive pricing and product satisfaction.

Is based on the premise - to continuously improve "Product, People and Performance" to achieve our commitment to quality, reliability, cost and delivery.

Products / Services:
M/S Hitech Magnetics specializes in multi layer PCB Artwork (CAD based), PCB Assembly, Cable assembly, Cable harness & Electronic Equipment Assembly, and is a manufacturer of quality, custom built Transformers, Chokes, Coils, and Inductors.

With state of the art Orcad / PCAD software, M/S Hitech Magnetics is able to design single, double and multi layered PCBs. Files for filming / Gerber plots of component side/s, solder side/s, solder mask and legend are provided. M/S Hitech Magnetics also outsource Printed Circuit Boards for development & production purposes too.

M/S Hitech Magnetics has the state of art infrastructure with expertise and skill in PCB assembly, Cable assembly, cable harnesses and electronic equipment assembly. Wave soldering with temperature controlled soldering irons, antistatic facility, crimping tools, test jig etc support experts in the field.

M/S Hitech Magnetics manufactures a wide range of power transformers, coils, current transformers, inductors, pot core, pulse, RF chokes and SMPS transformers of both low and high frequency.

The Services offered are:

  • CAD based PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designing.
  • Antistatic facility for assembly of PCBs
  • Wave soldering facility for PCB assembly
  • Crimping tools and facility for cable harnesses and assembly
  • Wire Analyzer for testing cables
  • Test jigs for electronic equipment testing
  • Software based transformer design
  • CNC Winding for manufacture of coils and transformers
  • Manufacture of collimators and electro mechanical sub assemblies.
  • Vacuum Impregnation facility
  • Testing facilities for transformers
  • On time delivery of production parts
  • Quick response times even for samples
  • Support in both development quantities (small) and for production quantities (large)
  • Maintain stringent quality standards
  • Value added assemblies


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